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Grave Dangers: A Thriller, Suspense, and Horror Collection

Launches March 7, 2023

Link: https://books2read.com/u/md6KJw

What’s dead doesn’t always stay buried.

Whether it be in a small town, an abandoned asylum, or a bustling city, no one is safe from the ugliest parts of human nature. A social media influencer, a college student, a detective – titles make no difference when death plays Russian Roulette.

Question is, who will be next?

Fifteen bestselling authors offer up their sacrifice in GRAVE DANGERS, a collection of thriller, horror, and suspense stories that will chill you to the bone and encourage you to double check that window lock.

Fans of James Patterson, Harlan Coben, John Grisham, and Joe Hart will love these heart-pounding, terror inducing stories!

Scroll up and one click today to lose yourself in the mystery of this limited edition thriller, suspense, and horror collection.

Authors included in this set are: Maegan Beaumont, S.K. Gregory, Kayla Krantz, Elena Blake & Killian Wrathmore, Melissa Keir, Jennifer Wedmore, Chandara Blackwell, Alicia Ellis, Alonzo Cross, J.C. Layne, Sheri Chapman, Charlotte Hyde, Iris Baker & Emme Grange, Spiro Griffith & Doran Fawcett

Recent Releases:

The Council (The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy #1)

In the Land of Five, witches are divided into five Covens based on their abilities. For those born without magic, like Lilith, the Arcane Ceremony, where witches are evaluated by the Council, is a waste of time.

When Lilith develops powers, though, her entire life turns upside down. With power comes responsibility, and with it, the serious possibility of leaving her home coven.

But her secrets don’t stay secret for long. An attack from a rogue witch forces her to use her newfound ability and reveals it to the entire Land of Five. Intrigued by her finesse, the Council recruits her. Fearing the consequences of saying no, Lilith accepts, but not everything is not as it seems. Under their wing, Lilith gradually learns the truth—everything she’s learned about the Land of Five, herself included, has been nothing but lies.

The Elemental Coven (The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy #2)

Held by the Enemy in a Land Far, Far Away…

The Land of Five is being systematically torn apart by war, and witch Lilith Lace has a number of problems. First—having been captured in the Battle of Ignis by the Elemental Coven, she’s now being held… well, she really has no idea where, so getting back home again is going to be hard, if not outright impossible.

Especially since she has to cope with the deaths of everyone she’s ever loved while being held captive.

Unable to decide between escape and giving up completely, Lilith is presented with a new challenge when she learns that the infamous rouge witch, Willow, is not only alive and well but played a larger role in Lilith’s childhood accident than she ever imagined.

Everything Lilith’s ever known is in flux. Friends are becoming enemies and enemies are becoming friends. Will Lilith finally get to the bottom of her past among the ranks of the Elemental Coven, or will she instead get hurt worse than anything she’s encountered so far?

The Sage (The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy #3)

The final battle approaches!

After joining the Elemental Coven, young witch Lilith’s eyes were opened to the truth that the Council has always been desperate to keep hidden. With only two Covens still standing, Lilith’s world is in danger of collapsing… and so is the Elemental Coven. After a mysterious illness begins to infect the Coven, witches are dying, and not even coven leader Willow’s power of resurgence is enough to save them.

After the Battle of the Grove destroys Lilith’s good leg and her ability to walk, she faces an internal war about her future that consumes her, dragging her further and further into the darkness. Willow is desperate to help Lilith find the light because Lilith isn’t just her sister—she’s the Elemental Coven’s last hope for survival. As the Sage’s ex-apprentice, Lilith is the only witch capable of taking down the ancient ruler.

As the war destroys the last of the covens, Lilith knows there is only one way to end the chaos for good—a final showdown against the Sage that only one of them will walk away from.

Runners (The Core Book 1)

Hunted for surviving, now they’re surviving by hunting!

Molly, Ella, and their friends were hunted because of their biology. They became lethal because of their need.

When a virus of unknown origin wiped out 90% of biological females, the world was plunged into chaos. The US government declared that surviving females must be protected for the good of humanity.

Every female of child-bearing age underwent forcible surgery to attach a brain implant, a Core, which recorded their location at every movement. Locked down and stripped of their rights, those who wouldn’t obey were sold into slavery.

Unless they ran.

Pursued by government agents named Consecrators, local strong-arm thugs called Bleeders, and even her own mother, Molly is tired of running. Now it’s time to fight back.

Hiatus at High Noon (Rituals #6)

The only thing worse than being murdered by a human is being destroyed by a vengeful God.

With Epiales, the God of Nightmares, resurrected in the body of Luna’s sister, Cassandra, the stakes have never been higher. Luna and Chance find themselves trapped in the Compound at risk of discovery and death. In a seemingly kind gesture, Cody has agreed to protect them from Epiales’ wrath, but he has secret motives.

Ones that could prove fatal to not only Chance but Luna as well.

In DreamWorld, Max and Asher have a mission of their own. Now a teenager, Asher has questions about his parents. Questions only they can answer. Tasked with keeping him safe, Max must keep Asher far from Luna and Chance until he comes into his powers. When news of attacks on nearby Keeper camps reach them, Max and Asher face the horrific truth that they’re running out of time.

The battle is reaching its crescendo, and ready or not, Asher will have to take his place at its center.

It is rumoured the halls of the Piedmont Hotel have been filled with ghosts for years. It’s what led renowned horror director, Jason Horn, to film his latest movie there.

But Hotel Evil is more than a movie. Within these pages are the documented stories of the 13 cast and crew members and the horrors they suffered within those walls.

Dare you peer into the windows and pass through the doors into the Piedmont Hotel? Let your curiosity be your guide and book your reservation.

Welcome to Hotel Evil…enjoy your stay.

Enter if you dare…A woman who stays alive by killing others. Truth or Dare on the Dark Web. Mystery boxes filled with malevolent spirits. A vampire who hunts to keep his human sweetheart healthy. Monsters lurking in every shadow. And featured story, Flirting with Death. An unlikely partnership between a serial killer and would-be victim turned accomplice.

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After the Devil

Alex Alpine copes with the traumas of her past by writing. When her book sales flop, she decides to quit. What Alex doesn’t know is that she has a stalker. Recovered addict, Jamie Knox, has a new addiction—Alex—and he’ll do anything to have her.

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What I Did

A friend.

A dangerous situation.

A choice between life and death.

What would you do to survive? 

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Other books:

Rituals of the Night Series: For fans of Nightmare on Elm Street and the 1989 classic Heathers comes the Rituals of the Night series, supernatural thrillers that combine the angst of a high school drama and the gore of a nightmarish slasher.

Blood Moon Trilogy: After 18-year-old Sam gets an invitation for a free vacation in the mail, she hops on the opportunity only to learn that monsters are very real. And very hungry.

The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy: The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—by witches with varying powers. When young witch, Lilith, is taken under their wing, she learns everything she knows about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.


  • The Moon Warriors: Talia is on a mission. She’ll find the person who took her love from her. And they will pay dearly.
  • The OCD Games: Erica’s afflictions lead her to a chance encounter with her perfect match.

Short Stories: Various anthologies my short fiction pieces have appeared in.

Haunted Manor: Spooky stories of haunted mansions.

Standing Fast: Stories in the Last Brigade Universe

Standing Fast: Stories in the Last Brigade Universe by [William Alan Webb, Kevin Steverson, H. David Blalock, William Joseph Roberts, John Siers, Kayla Krantz, Benjamin Tyler Smith, April Kelley Jones, Justin Oldham, Paul Sparks]

When Night Falls: Fast-paced, thrilling, and filled to the brim with darkness and characters driven by the voices in their head, this collection focuses on the darker side of life.


Also I have several short stories available on their own. All of which are available for FREE on all major retailers.

Empty Branches: With a strange request from the oldest member of her community, Caroline will learn more than the mechanics of an ancient holiday—she’ll learn the true meaning of love and friendship.

Stained: Blackouts have always been Melissa’s problem but now people are missing.

The Box: Like the hope from Pandora’s box, Panea’s box gives her something of its own.