This was one of the very first book reviews I received for Dead by Morning!

More than Scribbles


By Kayla Krantz

Though on Amazon and Goodreads I gave the book a 4/5 stars, I really give it a 4.5/5 stars.

Dead by Morning is a psychological horror book with some supernatual twists. It all starts with Luna and the most popular boy in school. Now a reminder, this is not a romance novel in any way. As the description says, it shows the dangers of obsession in the most unique way.

The story doesn’t bother to hide who the enemy is, because keeping that a mystery isn’t what the book is about. It’s about how no one really believes them and they’re afraid, especially when they find out
what kind of power the enemy has over them because
of a parellel world.

The characters most worth mentioning are Luna, Chance,
and Max. Luna is sarcastic and stubborn, but with excellent
intuition. Chance is Mr…

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