The 69th Page

  “Aren’t dogs just the greatest to have around?” Chance asked Luna again for the third time that hour.

  She gritted her teeth and flexed her fist as she tried to ignore him.

  It seemed like the eerie calm she had felt around him the night before was gone. Chance didn’t act strange again, like last night had never happened.

  “I hate dogs,” Luna replied, whipping around to look at him. “You know I’m scared of them. I don’t want one around me.”

  “But aren’t you pro-life for everything?”

  “Everything but you,” Luna snapped.

  Chance looked back at her like he didn’t believe she could still manage to be mad at him after last night. “You’re such a lady.”

  Luna snorted as her anger flooded back. “Yeah, I should hope so.”

  “Dogs are great hunters, did you know that? Did I tell…

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