Title: Salt in the Water (A Lesser Dark Book 1)

Link: http://a.co/baOz8CS

Authors: Sarah Cushaway, J. Ray


There are a thousand ways to die in the desert—desperate outlaws, deadly predators, murderous elements, and betrayal. . .

Kaitar Besh, a veteran scout as legendary for his cynicism as his skills, is ordered to brave the deadly Shy’war-Anquai desert one last time. Escorting Leigh Enderi—a greenhorn Enforcer with a reputation as shady as his own—he soon realizes the ghosts of his past have come to haunt more than his nightmares.

When the mission breaks down in the wake of bitter hatred and mistrust, even Kaitar’s fabled skills may not be enough to bring them home again. Stranded in the red wasteland without contact, food, or water, they uncover a betrayal that could bring all they hold dear crumbling to the dust. . . and tear down the wall of lies surrounding them.


My review:

5/5 Stars

So many good things to say about this book that I’m not sure where to begin. I’ll make it simple—the beginning? An excellent hook. We’re introduced to a completely new world with the abduction of a girl though we’re not given details as to who she is or why she’s been abducted. Of course, I was immediately drawn to keep reading right here. Shortly after, we’re introduced to Kaitar, the main character. He’s grouchy and has a no bullshit attitude which is just awesome.

I think all the characters have their quirks which makes me like them all in a different way. I liked Leigh because of her bossy manager like attitude during the mission with Kaitar. Another favorite of mine was Senqua. I’m not sure why on that one. I think because I sympathized a lot with her!

Anyway, Salt in the Water introduces you to a desert world full of danger, action, and suspense! There were all kinds of creatures native to this world that made each and every page fascinating. I think my favorites were the threk even though I shouldn’t like them. They reminded me of velociraptors and once my mind made that connection, there was no hating them.

If you’re a fan of science fiction, suspense, and westerns, this book is perfect for you! I would highly recommend it!