Title: Esper Files

Link: http://a.co/64Amaod

Author: Egan Brass


They came after The Great Storm, the Espers. Feared and hunted by society, there are those who use their powers for good, and those who use them for evil.

When an experiment goes wrong in Victorian London, Espers, people with supernatural abilities are created. In order to counter this new potential threat, the Institute is set up to teach Espers how to use their abilities for good and how to hunt down those who want to use their powers for evil.

Gifted with a formidable but self-destructive ability, Nathan is one of the Institute’s top agents. When the evil Baron executes his plan to control the minds of London’s political leaders, peace is dependent on Nathan and his team.

Will he learn to control his powers in time to save the world? Or will he succumb to their self-destructive nature?

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My review:

5/5 Stars

First of all, I loved this book. I’m not a big fantasy/steampunk person, but the plot behind this book was amazing! To start off, I don’t usually like prologues, but the one here beautifully set up the world in the book by showing the day of “the Great Storm,” when Espers, people with super powers, were created.

In the world created by Egan Brass, there are a handful of good Espers who train at the Institute and set out to stop the bad. Now, there’s a new storm coming because the bad Espers aren’t just getting out of hand, they’re joining up to do so! Right away, chapter one starts with action, and I just didn’t want to stop reading from there. The characters are witty and humorous, Nathan is my personal favorite, and I felt their characterization was really well done.

The array of different powers by the Espers was also very well-written. Perfect score on my radar!