Title: Legacy

Link: http://a.co/cAdbbLb

Author: S.L. Buckley


Andraste and her dragon, Lux, are barely old enough to leave their home, yet they are running for their lives. Dragon Riders everywhere are being hunted to extinction by both known and unknown forces. Her destination is simple: reach a dragonhold for help with her injured sister and her dragon, and then get herself to her mother’s people in Hibernia and into the safety of her betrothed’s kingdom. But, only if they can survive. They are now on a journey to honor her father’s last wishes. The last thing they need is more surprises.

Fennis holds a very dark secret, one that could cost him his life if the Council learned the truth. Hidden away in the high mountains of his home, he is happy to live a simple life in Aosta. His single source of annoyance is the women his father insists on sending his way. Fennis decided a long time ago that bachelorhood fit him perfectly. After 150 years, he sees no reason to change. Besides, 150 is young by a rider’s standard.

Secret worlds collide and turn the mundane into a fight for love. Their only hope is an ancient magic so difficult to use that few survive. Will Fennis and Andraste find a way to be together, forever?


My review:

5/5 Stars

~I received a free copy of this book for my honest review~

An action packed, and sometimes sweet with romance, tale from beginning to end. Great characters, a twisty plot, and dragons! I loved the way this story was written, especially the beginning. The author really had a great way of easing us into the world of the Riders, people who bond with dragons, and work to protect people. I loved the back and forths between the characters, especially between Fennis and Nicola, they seemed so real! I think Fennis and his black dragon were especially my favorite characters. They reminded me of Hiccup and Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.

I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy and romance fans alike. Does not disappoint!