Title: Esper Files: The Sky Cult (Esper Files #2)

Author: Egan Brass

Link: http://a.co/01qVRZ9


After the events of the first book, Freya has joined the Institute – an organization created to help Espers control their powers, and she thought she’d finally found peace.

That is, until Anti-Esper weapons find their way into the hands of The Coalition, a radical group who is determined to kill anyone with powers.
At the same time, the Sky Cult has arisen, claiming that Espers have the right to rule over lowly humans.
The timing couldn’t be worse, as all of this happens three days before Esper Day, the first holiday designed to show that humans and Espers can coexist.

Now Nathan, Freya and the team have to fight both organizations in a race against time before one of the radical groups tips the scales, and plunges the entire world into their own version of Armageddon.


My review:

~I received a free copy of this book for my honest review~

5/5 Stars

So what can I say except “Wow!”? The second installment of the Esper Files series is definitely as suspenseful as the first book…if not more so. There are so many great battle scenes in these books that it’s hard to get bored while reading. The threats the characters face in this book are greater than that in the first book and I think that’s also why I liked this one more. The characters have a little more depth given to them, and I liked that I felt as if I could connect with them more than I could before. Even the villains seemed to have deeper character arcs.

I eagerly wait the next installment in the series!