Title: Fire and Ice (The Aldurian Chronicles Book 1)

Author: Jessica V. Fisette

Link: http://a.co/dasbK34


It’s been months since the accident on Asher Creek bridge that nearly claimed Allie’s life. She hasn’t heard from her boyfriend Phoenix since the fire station went up in flames, and she’s no closer to finding the man who saved her from drowning that night. To make matters worse, she’s somehow lost the elemental abilities that connected her to Phoenix—something she once believed only they shared. Vivid, unrelenting dreams have kept her searching for answers. Phoenix is in danger—she knows it. But, now they’ve found her: familiar, official-looking men who act nothing like the federal agents they impersonate. To keep her family safe, Allie decides to leave the only home she’s known since she was two years old and search for Phoenix on her own. But, others have different plans for her. The man who saved her returns, and he isn’t alone. A powerful, evil cult leader is after Allie, and she has no choice but to accept the protection of an unexpected ally who holds the answers to secrets from her past. Every step brings her dangerously close to finding Phoenix and discovering her real identity, but the truth is far worse than she ever could have imagined.


My review:

5/5 Stars

Fire and Ice is the beginning of yet another brilliant series by the talented Miss Fisette. I don’t usually read stories about aliens but this one was so different and alluring that I was drawn right in. This story follows the MC, Allie, as she discovers the truth of who she really is, where her powers come from, and most importantly, what happened on the night her soulmate, Phoenix, disappeared. When the secrets of Allie’s life are finally revealed, she’s taken on a journey full of suspense, fear, and hope.

This story will pull you in right at the start, making you want answers as badly as Allie herself. Highly recommended!