Title: Third Charmed (The Prime Insurgency Book Three)

Author: J.D. Stonebridge

Link: http://a.co/95Zx30S


A woman extends a helping hand to Lance and Tony when they run into trouble. Discovering that there’s more to the woman than she let on, the pair starts questioning her intentions. But when presented information vital to their search, the two might be inclined to change their minds.

After the revelations about the Primes’ goal, Lance and Tony believe that the one who led them to the presence of a Prime could also lead them to Lauren, so they start tracking her down. In their pursuit, they bump into another Prime, one that presents itself as a friend.

Because bad past encounters with her kind, Lance and Tony are wary of her help. But the information she is offering them regarding Lauren’s whereabouts is something they can’t refuse. Answers will be given but more questions emerge.

When you’ve got nothing else to go on with, is it wise to trust the words of the supposed enemy? The gripping quest to find a loved one continues in the supernatural mystery thriller, Third Charmed


My review:

~I received a free copy for my honest review~

5/5 Stars

Very suspenseful and intriguing, this short read pulled me right in for the ride. Having picked up book three first, I now feel compelled to grab copies of the first two to see how Lance and Tony’s journey began. Primes are an interesting creature for sure.