Title: Switchblade: A Killer Comedy (The Rockwood Trilogy Book 1)

Author: Brad McCormick

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Switchblade-Killer-Comedy-Rockwood-Trilogy/dp/1539031527/



A group of outsiders have come to Rockwood Home for the Criminally Insane to run experiments on the notorious murderer Frank “Switchblade” Butz. He has now escaped and the body count is rising faster than the heat. It’s up to the weekend volunteers Earl Tubb and his trusty partner Lester Boone to show the whole town that they are just the right ones for the job. Or so they think!


My review:

4/5 Stars

~I received a free copy of this book for my honest review!~


The mix of horror and comedy in this piece are beautiful! It’s clear the author has a love of cheesy horror movies. This book is about an insane man who escapes an asylum and does what he loves best—killing people. The police force is on a fishing trip leaving just two weekend volunteers to find him.

I loved the way the author created characters that are stereotyped but in a comically interesting way. For example, the small-time police who have no idea how to face a psychopath and the psychopath himself. This book had me laughing quite a few times. It’s for that reason that I would recommend this book to people who are fans of the “Scary Movie” franchise.