Title: My Abigail

Author: David Kummer

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Abigail-Psychological-David-Duane-Kummer-ebook/dp/B01BCYKY8U



Abigail had a secret
She was different… but I loved her.
But after it ended, there were no words to describe her. No way to make sense of it all.
Something so sweet, so loving, so gentle… in the end, it was all terrible.

In this gripping, psychological thriller, Caleb meets the girl of his dreams. Abigail is pretty, funny, and she cares about him like nobody ever has. But underneath her appearance is a monster that nobody can control… and nobody knows about.

When he is confronted with the truth, Caleb must make a terrible decision. Will he love the person who’s hurt him? Or will the secret tear them apart?

What even Abigail doesn’t understand is that she’s dangerous. More dangerous than either of them realize. But is it too late to turn back?


My review:

5/5 Stars

~I received a free copy of this book for my honest review~

Definitely a psychological trip! My Abigail is a YA thriller focusing on a high school boy (Caleb) who’s been dumped by his parents and gets bullied at school. He doesn’t like much about his life, except for a girl named Abigail. She’s his light, the purpose of his life, but something isn’t quite right about her. The more Caleb learns about Abigail, the stranger his life becomes. This is a captivating read, pulling you in from the very beginning and holds you until the end, delivering all the secrets with a punch. Would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of suspenseful writing!