Title: Whisper Lake (The Turning Book 2)

Author: Micky Neilson

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Whisper-Lake-Turning-Book-2-ebook/dp/B01N2MEU9O


Horror Unleashed – Book Two in Micky Neilson’s top-rated horror series
-Intended for mature audiences-

Note: Whisper Lake is a prequel to The Turning. Despite this, it is the author’s intention that The Turning be read before Whisper Lake.

The year is 1991. Jason Emblock, a U.S. soldier in Iraq, is sent back home to the small town of Whisper Lake after a vicious animal attack. But the beast that bit him was no ordinary animal. Now Jason is becoming aware of the changes–enhanced hearing and sense of smell–even as he reconnects with his lover, Celine Armistead, and seeks to confront his childhood friend, CJ, who tried to force himself on Celine while Jason was away.

CJ’s life has its own complications: drug addiction and a strained affiliation with the violent drug trafficker Boil, whose schemes threaten to destroy Whisper Lake.
But the deadliest threat may not come from Boil; because the beast within Jason… is about to slip its leash.


My review:

5/5 Stars

~I received a free copy for my honest review~

I love the way this prequel gives us some backstory to the characters we’ve already met in The Turning. There’s a lot of action in this story, and I hate how long it took me to be able to get through it because I love the mix of thriller and werewolf similar to what the author gave us a taste of in book one. It’s definitely an interesting combination.

This story follows Jason after a werewolf attack as he struggles to recover and blend back into the world. The way the POV switches characters with each chapter which helps to power along the narrative, especially when Boil, the villain in this tale, is introduced. This story really works at the realness of the characters, giving them a depth that leaves the reader with no choice but to cheer them onward. This book I would definitely recommend to fans of The Turning and to anyone who enjoys a good werewolf story!