Title: Barking Madness

Author: Ryan Hill

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Barking-Madness-Ryan-Hill-ebook/dp/B010GDGZ6S



Seventeen-year-old Rosetta Harper is plagued by nightmares of a masked man. With her father’s new career move, her family has just relocated from Florida, to the small New England town of Ashwood, a quiet town and close-knit community where you know your neighbors, and trouble is a word unspoken. But soon after her arrival, both Rosetta’s world and the worlds of her classmates come crashing down.

Michael hates his family and feels alone and unloved. He only finds comfort when he’s with his friends, but even they get on his nerves. Everything about Ashwood and his life bores him, until Rosetta Harper moves into town. With her as a new classmate, Michael finally gets the excitement he was looking for, but it may be at too high a cost…


My review:

5/5 Stars

~I received a free copy for my honest review~

Very mysterious and action-packed, this was a great take on the classic werewolf tale! When Rose moves to a new town, things seem great with her being the center of attention but the spotlight isn’t always a good thing. She’s become the target of things supernatural and unsettling and must battle the demons within her own mind to find her way out.

I love the psychological aspect of this story as well as the thriller elements. I found the characters believable and the dialogue was great too. It gives a good look into the mind of teenagers going through a difficult time. Fantastic story!