Title: The Devil’s Lieutenant

Author: Shervin Jamali

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Lieutenant-Shervin-Jamali-ebook/dp/B01FZGQEV2



In the blink of an eye, Michael loses his family. As his life spirals out of control with grief, he is presented with the possibility that their souls might be trapped in Hell.
Thus begins an unimaginable and nightmarish journey to rescue his family from the depths of Hell, with the Devil as the puppet master pulling his strings.

Warning: Graphic violence and profanity included.


My review

5/5 Stars

This action-packed thriller follows the story of Michael after losing his family to an accidental shooting. Put on the path of evil by his desire to save them from the grips of Lucifer, he spirals out of control. This is both a quick read and a powerful one, pulling you into the plot right away and holding you in until the very last page. The dialogue is natural and flowed in a way that created well-rounded characters without any hint of an info dump.

Not to mention the fantastic twist at the end. This is a must-read thriller novella!