Title: The Key to the Demon’s Gate (Cross-Road Travelers #1)

Author: Daniel M. Quilter

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Key-Demons-Gate-Cross-Roads-Travelers-ebook/dp/B01MRXXIVK



Henry Rockwell was an average teen, but when wizards from another world banish a demon to Earth, Henry and his two best friends are whisked away into the adventure of a lifetime. An action packed story filled with magic, demons, pirates, and everything in-between. This book is sure to keep children and adults alike turning the page.


My review

4/5 Stars

An easy read packed with lots of action. The Key to the Demon’s Gate is about three friends who are mysteriously brought into a strange fantasy world filled with pirates and adventure when they switch places with a demon named Eshteroth. On their quest to stop him from taking over the world, they must also overcome all that approaches them and learn about themselves in the process.

This book has a wonderful voice that makes it a great read for both YA and adults. The descriptions were fantastic throughout the book, even when the characters were suddenly transported from one world to another. If you’re a fan of YA magical realism then this is the book for you.