Title: The Seas Come Still

Author: J.P. Jamin

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Seas-Come-Still-J-P-Jamin-ebook/dp/B013UGE4H0



A sweeping historical novel of mystic discovery. Two stories woven across three thousand years, from the fall of Minoan Atlantis to the dawn of the Age of Reason. Can history as we know it be only part of the human story? Have sacred teachings survived the ashes of natural cataclysm and persecution to reemerge, more relevant now than ever before?

Meticulously researched, sumptuously styled, The Seas Come Still invites you into the hearts and minds of a closely guarded sisterhood, separated by millennia, but linked by a code of love and service older than faith itself. The ignorant have called them witches, mermaids, or worse, but they are the guardians of secrets predating history itself, and a lifestyle pressed nearly to extinction by the depletion of earth’s natural resources.

The Seas Come Still takes you on an unstoppable journey across culture and language, conflict and healing, time and fable. Witness the catastrophe that brought down the kingdoms of the Bronze Age, the chaos that gave birth to our modern religions, the astounding secrets of Minoan navigation and science, undiscovered for millennia. From the palaces of Canaan to the windswept coasts of western Ireland, from ancient Turkey to the mountainous Basque region of Spain, discover the thread, lost but never broken, that binds us all to our destiny.



My review

5/5 Stars

Though lengthy, this book is a must read once you get past the first few chapters. Woven with history and a wonderful creation of a fantastic world, The Seas Come Still is a fantastic, complicated novel set in both modern day Japan and in the 18th century. The author beautifully connects these with the months in history leading up to the devastation of the Minoan civilization creating a story that’s both powerful and impossible to put down.

If you’re a fan of historical novels, you won’t want to miss this one!