Title: Unfamiliar Territory

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Unfamiliar-Territory-Lucretia-Stanhope-ebook/dp/B073VX6R14




When a shapeshifting jackal shows up with strange injuries at the zoo where Amy works, it starts her on a path that will teach her beautiful things about love, and why she has the ability to heal with her hands.

Before she can stop to enjoy the wonder of her reunion with her soul mate, Jack, she must clear an enchanted haze of deception clouding her life. Jeopardizing their fate is a diabolical sorcerer, who threatens to take both of their lives in his quest for power.

Categories: romance, thriller, suspense, witches, shapeshifter, paranormal romance, paranormal suspense, paranormal thriller, occult fiction, witchcraft.


My review

5/5 Stars

I absolutely adored this story! Amy is a veterinarian who loves to heal animals. Her special gifts make her job especially easy…that is until she receives a wounded jackal. After healing him, she slowly begins to realize that her life is not what it seems. Her romantic interest, Greg, is not really into her and her best friend, Phil isn’t really her friend of all. Most important of all, the jackal isn’t just an animal but a shapeshifter…and her familiar at that.

Suspenseful and action-packed, Unfamiliar Territory will keep you reading as plot twist after plot twist unfolds. Definitely recommend this book for everyone who loves books about witches and magic!