Title: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1)

Author: R. James Stevens

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F4KWUIG



Discovery. Salvation. Redemption.

In the year 2077, the world is stricken by an epic natural disaster, sounding the death knell of modern technology. Sent back to the Dark Ages, billions perish in the aftermath. Seven years later, the scattered populace is left to fend for themselves against rogue organizations that seize the opportunity for a power play in a world without power.

Three individuals; three separate paths. All will be irreversibly entwined as they search for the answers in an attempt to reassemble the pieces of their broken lives. But will they find what they seek, or will they stumble upon the devastating truth that lies just beyond their reach?

The Epsilon series explores the events seven years after the catastrophic death of a technological society.
The first installment, Clarity, begins in 2084 and focuses both forward and back on the raw, emotional journeys of former friends and partners. Will they band together to help right wrongs and restore order to the scattered remnants of the populace? Or will their quests for individual fulfillment tear apart an already worn bond?



My review

4/5 Stars

With action and suspense, the author tells a tale of the bleak future, using scenes from the past to illustrate who the characters are now compared to who they used to be. Combining a mix of military fiction and dystopia, this story is a page turner—even for someone like me who doesn’t typically read books in the military fiction genre. I admit that the story was a bit confusing at the beginning, and because of the time jumps, I originally had a hard time getting into it, but afterward, once the foundation of worldbuilding had been set, I really got into the story and found myself rooting for the characters, for Clive and Steele especially.

~ An Absolute Fiction Reviewers Bookclub Review