Title: Snagged (Copper River Romances Book One)

Author: Cherime MacFarlane

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Snagged-Copper-River-Romances-Book-ebook/dp/B00FBSP0ZG




Number 3 in Listopia’s Best of Religious & Inspirational Fiction
“Snagged” is the first of the Copper River Romances.
In some places in Alaska, there are only two places to socialize, the bar and the church. Dorcas’ family chose the church. Trying to find her path, she is spending the winter in a remote cabin. The pilot of a small plane crashes on the river ice. Dorcas pulls James out, saving his life.
James has been working alongside his father building the business for years. When he goes to Fairbanks to scout out a second location, his father is not happy about it. James leaves a day early. Far off course, his plane develops engine trouble over the Copper River. When he is tossed from the aircraft into the icy water, James thinks his life is over until the girl pulls him from the river.
There is a family connection which goes back over twenty-five years, something neither of the young people discovers until her family comes to spend Christmas at the remote cabin. Will an old lie tear the young couple apart? Will James’ father finally listen to the truth?


My review

4/5 Stars

Woven with romance, friendship, and religion, Snagged tells the story of James and Dorcas, how they meet and where their chance encounter takes them. Set in the rugged wilderness of Alaska, the author does a fantastic job of describing the setting and the way it affects the characters. The details were beautifully written and I deeply enjoyed the way the author had a focus on the religious beliefs of both characters and used that to make their relationship even stronger.