Title: ‘50sVille

Author: Paul Ibbetson

Link: https://www.amazon.com/50sVille-Paul-Ibbetson-ebook/dp/B00HQ7T4SE



Welcome to ‘50sVille: The town you will absolutely love, or else…

Imagine a town where the people perpetually live in the 1950s, a place where time has all but stopped and where everyone loves his family, job, and life. In this strange place, only a select few people ever leave the city limits and even then, they leave reluctantly. This is what fifteen and a half year old Benjamin Granault faces as, through a string of amazing events, he finds himself living in a town where he can never talk about modern technology or current events, a place where being an outsider can cost a person his life and being part of the community may very well cost more. Follow the adventures of Benjamin Granault in ‘50sVille, the strangest town Indiana has ever been unaware of.



My review

3/5 Stars

Ben has never felt more at home in a place than he does in ‘50sville, a mysterious Indiana town that seems to be cut straight from the past. He’s excited to visit for the short time a year he can, to visit his friends and his potential girlfriend. When his father gets into a fatal accident, however, his world is changing. He must become a resident of the strange town and only then does he realize how strange it is.

Worldbuilding is absolutely fantastic in this story. While there was the initial conflict of Ben’s dad’s death and his having to move into a new house, I felt as if the story was really unresolved. I see that it’s part of a series so I’ll definitely be reading on to see where the story goes from here.