Title: Is it LONELY? Or is it ME?

Author: Travon Touissant

Link: https://www.amazon.com/LONELY-ME-Travon-Toussiant-ebook/dp/B07714N4PP




Rebeca’s family looks for a new life in the suburbs of Chicago. Unfortunately, the move puts Rebeca in a new home, new place, and new school right at the beginning of her high school career. Ink High presents challenges from the beginning, but none more menacing than Shelby – the aspiring “Queen of the School.” Shelby decides to make Rebeca’s life a nightmare – and succeeds, forcing the new girl into a life of seclusion and fantasy. By her sophomore year, Rebeca loses her ability to sleep and sinks further into a morass of imagination and internal pain. Why she cannot sleep presents a mystery. But, the real question lies in whether or not Rebeca can cling to any shred of a will to live.




My review

4/5 Stars

~I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review~

Is it Lonely? Or is it Me? tells the story of Rebecca and her struggles in her new home. At high school, she is bullied relentlessly and any and all attempts to communicate with her peers are shot down in the same manner. After long bouts of loneliness, she begins to imagine friends. But her new “friend” Maya is nothing but trouble. Trapped between the new recesses in her mind and the life she desperately wants to escape, Rebecca sinks further and further into her depression.

My only issue with the book is the mention of Rebecca’s slide into delusion as “powers” because it makes it unclear if what she is seeing is real or imagined especially since the other characters in the book cannot see what she does. Other than this, Is it Lonely? Or is it Me? Is an engaging read that will definitely hook YA readers!