Book 'Em Book Club

Today we welcome Kayla Krantz.

Book ‘Em:  Tell us about you and your life outside of writing.

Kayla Krantz:  Outside of writing, I’m a mother and a CSM at Walmart. I’m also going to school for my Bachelor’s in English.

Book ‘Em:  Which books have you written? What are they about and why did you choose to write them? Do your books have a message? Are they fiction or nonfiction?

Kayla Krantz:  As of today, I’ve written several books all on different subjects though they are all fiction. My Rituals of the Night Trilogy is paranormal thriller that focuses on the dangers of obsession using a supernatural twist. In my Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy, I write about a crippled witch who must learn the truth of who she really is by overcoming a variety of obstacles. Currently, I have a psychological thriller/horror short story anthology set to release at the end…

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