Title: Idi & The Oracle’s Quest: Born to Be Fantasy Book #1

Author: T. Traynor

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Idi-Oracles-Quest-Born-Fantasy-ebook/dp/B01C1UDQKC/




Idi & The Oracle’ Quest

Idi, called to protect the future king of Talia needs the guidance of Marcus, a sagacious magician, to defeat the sinister Norvora. Yet his greatest challenge will be overcoming his entrenched belief that he’s stupid.

Held prisoners within a magical orb the Sister Witches wait to be released.
When the prophesied one is crowned King he will have the power to set them free.
At all costs he must be found and turned away from the evil that is seeping into the world of Talia.

Idi’s life so far has been full of sorrow. He longs to leave the village and to go in search of adventure.
When Marcus, the Magician, turns up and asks Idi to join him on a Quest Idi doesn’t hesitate.

They set off together across the lands of Talia in search of the mother who bring the new King into their world. They must find her before Norvora and his minions do, the Oracle is relying on them to keep the new King safe. But the world of Talia is changing, the demons becoming bolder and time is running out. The Witches must decide which side to fight on and Idi must learn to be the greatest magician Talia has ever seen if he is to save them all.



My review

5/5 Stars

This book simply has all the wonderful elements required for an awesome fantasy world: a prophecy, a chosen one, and a never-ending battle of good and evil. As the story begins, a great magician by the name of Marcus is summoned to go on a journey, to find a boy named Idi and groom him into the best magician the land of Talia has ever seen. Things aren’t as easy as they sound. Along the way, they are confronted with demons and evil until they eventually find a place to settle and build a life. From there, things are only just beginning. Marcus and Idi, along with child they recruited along the way named Katrina, are standing on the edge of a war and they are all key components in it. A subplot within the story follows the journey of Cassandra, an ex-princess who is tasked with birthing the One.

I loved how at the end of the story, all the subplots and ideas came together to form the foundation for the rest of the series. Each of the characters have their own hopes and dreams, and I am definitely interested in reading further just to see if they all achieve their goals. Especially Katrina and her wish to become a knight.