Title: Julia Dream

Author: Fabia Scali-Warner

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Julia-Dream-Fabia-Scali-Warner-ebook/dp/B06X9Z5V27




In a not too distant future, a nuclear war has decimated mankind. Three centuries later, survivors live barricaded in cities controlled by the Human Empire, while the inhabitants of the countryside have been mutated by radiation and live in the forests surrounding urban settlements, waging war on the humans.

When both her parents die in a fire, Julia is left to cope alone with a highly bureaucratic and regulated system, with very few select allies. As her loyalty undergoes increasingly harsh tests, Julia draws attention to herself with her cold blood and fierce resolve in battle.

Constantly on the edge between independent spirit and military discipline, Julia will have to decide how to use the power that has been granted her.



My review

4/5 Stars

I loved the way that this book focused on Julia and her character development. I know the genre of the book is dystopia/science fiction but that felt more like the world she was living in rather than the point of the story. This book showed just how changed Julia became from the war that she was put in, going from a gentle innocent girl into a dangerous thing shaped by and made for battle.

Julia is determined to keep her sister, Cleo, safe and to do this, she avoids saying no to her supervisors at all costs. This eventually gets her into some interesting situations, all of which I wasn’t sure she would emerge from. The world building in this book was amazing, being post nuclear war, there were some definitely interesting concepts such as synthesized food pills which makes even eating solid food a challenge that Julia has to face.

This is a recommended read to fans of books like the Hunger Games and Divergent.