Title: The Du Lac Chronicles Book One

Author: Mary Anne Yarde

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CDK2MK0



A generation after Arthur Pendragon ruled, Briton lies fragmented into warring kingdoms and principalities.

Eighteen-year-old Alden du Lac ruled the tiny kingdom of Cerniw. Now he half-hangs from a wooden pole, his back lashed into a mass of bloody welts exposed to the cold of a cruel winter night. He’s to be executed come daybreak—should he survive that long.

When Alden notices the shadowy figure approaching, he assumes death has come to end his pain. Instead, the daughter of his enemy, Cerdic of Wessex, frees and hides him, her motives unclear.

Annis has loved Alden since his ill-fated marriage to her Saxon cousin—a marriage that ended in blood and guilt—and she would give anything to protect him. Annis’s rescue of Alden traps them between a brutal Saxon king and Alden’s remaining allies. Meanwhile, unknown forces are carefully manipulating the ruins of Arthur’s legacy.



My review

5/5 Stars

After a war breaks out and Briton is torn into a land of feuding Kingdoms, King Cerdic is determined to become the only ruler and has just taken down his most recent King, Alden. Cerdic is ready to execute him when he suddenly disappears and Cerdic’s daughter is to thank.

I’m always a fan of strong heroines in a story, but I think the reason I loved this book so much was that the heroine was not strong. Annis was very uncertain of herself, uncertain of the situation she had gotten herself into, and yet she did it anyway because she felt it was right. I loved the very human-like feeling this created with her not to mention the fact that it was the girl rescuing the guy, another very interesting perspective that had me hooked within just the first few pages.

Full of action, adventure, history, and romance, this is a fantastic book to what I imagine will be a wonderful series. I was unfortunately pressed for time the first time I read through this book but I will definitely be ordering a paperback copy in order to do a more thorough read. It’s just that good!