Title: Quinn’s Faith

Author: Diane Garner

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BGBNMVP



Heaven and Hell were never so real before Quinn accepted the task of saving Ajax, a boy she hadn’t known since he moved away when she was a baby. Now, Quinn struggles against the forces of Hell and Earth to save the man she finds herself falling in love with. But Quinn knows more than she’s telling Ajax, and that makes everything very complicated and exciting. Can Quinn succeed in making Heaven triumph over Hell? Can her love survive the trials? Time will tell.

Quinn’s Faith is a novel of ultimate good and ultimate evil, intertwining action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and faith. All characters depicted in the novel are creations of fiction.



My review

4/5 Stars

Definitely a different and interesting take on the classic good versus evil feud. The story centers around a Christian woman named Quinn who finds herself gradually falling for a man named Ajax. However, things are not as simple as they seem. Quinn has nightmares, of the devil himself, and finds that going to sleep leaves her in a vulnerable state where she must fight literal demons. Ajax’s situation is no better.

Caught between metaphoric and literal demons, I was rooting for Quinn and Ajax to pull through the entire time. It’s not very often that I read something that can be classified as a Christian thriller but this is definitely an interesting and different read. If you’re looking for something unique, I recommend this book!