Title: Feral: Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B1GSVLZ/




Why are werewolves going missing? When a frustrated alpha requests the aid of the Paranormal Peacekeepers, a new partnership is formed. Alice and Amarok are assigned to get in and get answers before the pack problems bleed into the lives of the townspeople.

Prisoner or ambassador? As a hybrid, Alice is still struggling with what her place is at the Paranormal Peacekeepers when she is assigned her first mission and given her permanent partner. Before she can find out who is responsible for the missing werewolves, she has to commit to the job and ignore the voice in her head telling her use the mission as a chance to escape.

Loyal ambassador and former member of the para-military. Amarok is still broken from the death of his partner when he is assigned to work with new recruit, Alice. While he will vet her, and make sure she is safely returned to the Paranormal Peacekeepers, the bond of partnership means something to him that blurs the lines of following orders.

The mission takes them to emotional places they never imagined and tests the limits of their supernatural abilities. To solve the mystery of where the werewolves have gone they will need to redefine themselves and come together as a team.




My review

5/5 Stars

Wow! Another wonderful read by Miss Stanhope.

I just picked this one up and didn’t have a chance to read the previous book before I dove in, however, that wasn’t a problem. The story is easy to follow, even with all the twists and turns. It begins with Alice, who we see moving onto her career as a Paranormal Peace Keeper. As she dives into the mystery of the missing werewolves, she is plagued with questions of herself.

Like with the other books that I’ve read by this author, there is a wonderful balance of good and evil, clarity and confusion, and that’s what makes her writing so addicting. She has an art of carefully weaving so many emotions into each page that the characters naturally seem like real people. I can’t wait to see where she takes us next!

Oh! And I’ll definitely be going back to read book one.