Title: The Darwin Protocol

Author: Daniel M. Quilter

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N4FU2TG/




In the wake of war and natural disaster, Lily Dimka boarded the colony ship Pax Britanica bound for a new world.
But she never arrived.
Lily, a mute man, a mentally deranged elderly woman, a paralyzed girl, and a young man with only one arm make up the entirety of the survivors of a crash landing after they’re unceremoniously launched back to Earth with only six haunting words as an explanation: “The Darwin Protocol has been activated.”



My review

4/5 Stars

Such a thrilling and action-packed read albeit it was very short. I loved the premise of the idea, survivors of a ship being expelled from a ship and coming face to face with a monstrous evolution of mankind. After learning the truth of her and the other survivors’ situations, Lily must figure out how to survive on an Earth no longer habitable for normal humans.

The book was especially interesting to me because all the main characters had some personal issues that they had to overcome like Lily’s sickle-cell anemia and Rose’s multiple personality disorder. The ending was a bit sudden which left me wondering what would happen to the characters who remained. This being said, any fans of dystopia and science fiction would enjoy this book.