Title: Idi & the Talisman of Talia (Born to Be Book 2)

Author: Tracy Traynor

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MXK9X81/



Book 2 of the ‘Born to Be’ series, Idi & the Talisman of Talia continues exactly where book 1 finishes. Idi is about to discover his real name and Marcus continues to educate him, both in magic and self-confidence. All our loved characters are back, including the three witch clans, the Oracles, Absalom and Cassandra. Introduced for the first time is the adorable Goblin Fart Platoon, with Celestine and Bert leading them on their mission.



My review

5/5 Stars

This second installment of the Born to Be books leaves off where the first one did. It opens with Idi setting out on a journey to find his real name. However, he is only given more mysteries. The story bounces around to show the movement of many different quests from Cassandra’s search for her son to the goblins preparing for war.

Seeing each of the different groups from their own point of view really made it tough to choose a group to root for. However, I loved the bits of humor that the author has mixed in with the seriousness, like the shenanigans of the witches learning how to fly. There’s plenty going on in this book to keep a range of readers interested.