Title: Chaos: Supernatural Realms

Author: Jennifer Adams

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Chaos-Supernatural-Jennifer-N-Adams-ebook/dp/B07C71VK75/




It is the lack of having supernatural abilities that makes Noelle a non-believer. Anya, her younger sister, believes in almost everything, and tries her best to change her sister’s view of the world, including reminding her they are part shifter.

It isn’t until one morning during a ride into work with her uncle, the town sheriff, Noelle questions her disbelief in all things supernatural. She has premonitions which send her and her sister on a quest to find a book that may lead to their destiny.



My review

5/5 Stars

I loved this book! It’s a wonderful read for anyone who adores urban fantasy/paranormal. The book opens up with what seems like an ordinary scene of a waitress closing up a store. She lets in a final customer who kills her and her husband, leaving behind two daughters. Raised by their uncle, the girls lead a seemingly normal life until another murder happens and their lives are changed forever.

I loved how drastically different each character’s personality was. It made them all feel so real which caused their journey to have a different effect on me than reading a book with flat characters would. I was rooting for the two sisters to pull through and loved the suspense of every page.

Highly recommended!