Title: Violet Blue: A Fairy Tale

Author: Liz Charnes

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Violet-Blue-Fairy-Liz-Charnes-ebook/dp/B07962SYHK



An insecure princess. A thoughtless prince. A capricious fairy. And the One True Wolf.

When Violet Blue, the youngest sister of Snow White and Rose Red, married her Prince Edward, she believed that she had found her One True Love and was beginning her eternal Happily Ever After. But when Edward accepts an enchanted honeymoon from the notoriously capricious fairy Mirabella, things begin to go awry. Fairies never give anything without a catch, and for Violet and Edward, that catch was a memory. The honeymoon would be absolutely perfect, but they would not remember it afterward.

How important are memories? Do they really matter? Besides, Shouldn’t True Love conquer all? But when Red Riding Hood tells Violet that Mirabella’s gift was actually a curse and that Violet was Happily Ever Aftering with a prince who was not her own. Violet sets out to find out the truth. Has she married her One True Love? Is she truly living her Happily Ever After?

Or is it all a wicked scheme concocted by the One True Wolf to steal her away?



My review

5/5 Stars

A wonderful blend of fairytales, mythology, and other classical creations such as the Wizard of Oz. Violet Blue takes us on Violet’s journey to find her one true love. After rescuing a prince, she is married but her life is not what she thought it would be. Her prince is poor and makes no effort to spend time with her. After being led astray by Little Red Riding Hood, Violet goes on a quest that spans across different generations and scenarios as the Wolf threatens to own her heart or destroy her forever.

I loved the idea behind this book. I’ve never seen a mesh of so many different worlds before and I love the way the author pulled it off. Of all the characters in the story, Red was my favorite. I laughed just about every time she had a line. This book is highly recommended for all fans of fantasy books, especially fairytales.