Title: Obscura: Evil Has its Eyes on You

Author: Alex H. Singh

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H5DX693/




Since childhood, her destiny was marked…

Sana Avery, a home-schooled teenager with the gift of magic, has been plagued by night terrors for as long as she can remember. She has no idea what it’s like to be a normal kid, one who doesn’t have to worry about supernatural hellspawn breathing down her neck.

But demons aren’t her only problem.

There’s something she doesn’t trust about her nanny, Pamela. Maybe it’s the look in her eyes. Or maybe it’s the fact that she worships the god of darkness, and has singled Sana out as her human sacrifice.

Desperate to save herself, Sana teams up with Aleksa, a bad boy with a heart of gold, to move across the country to the sanctuary of his father’s cabin. No evil could reach her there—the property is sealed with protective magic against the forces of darkness.


Evil always finds a way.



My review

5/5 Stars

Witches, an ancient cult, and a strong female protagonist. Obscura has all the classic elements that make a horror story amazing. Obscura starts out with a girl, Sana, who has paralyzingly real nightmares. At first, she believes these to be night terrors since they only affect her while she’s sleeping. Doing her best to fit in at school, Sana meets a new group of friends and her luck turns for the better. Then, girls her age begin to turn up dead and she realizes that there is a pattern. Something dark is lurking in her town, and she is at the center of it all.

This was a pageturning, psychological story. I loved the transition the author made between a seemingly normal situation and one in which good and evil duked it out. Sana made an amazing growth as a character, going from a nervous, timid girl who barely spoke up enough to make friends, to a powerful beacon risking her life to save those who mean everything to her.

Definitely a book to check out for all horror, psychological, and suspense fans!