Title: Blood for Atlantis

Author: Anna LaVerne

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GM22GN4/




Wendy has lived in a fog of depression for as long as she can remember. Then one day, a handsome siren named Morgan shows up at her door and whisks her away to the sea, where she’s hit with a barrage of memories.
She remembers . . . growing up on the seventh isle of Atlantis as Meri. Training to learn the art and techniques of war.
She remembers . . . being called to the Ring as a potential Key of Atlantis-Protector of the undersea realm, where she meets her four protectors: Morgan, Aden, Breck, and Laki.
She remembers . . . being swept up into the feuds of the Gods, leaving her no choice but to stand with her four handsome mermen and fight her way out, or die trying.
. . . and now, the gods will never forget her

***Full length reverse harem novel.



My review

4/5 Stars

Fantastic story!

What begins as such an ordinary story quickly takes a turn for the extraordinary when a man shows up on Wendy’s door, convincing her to go with him. At first, she’s confused but when he leaves her no choice, she begins to realize who, and what, she really is. The use of Greek mythology made for fantastic worldbuilding and character creation deeper in the novel.

If you’re a fan of fantasy and suspense, this book is a real page turner.