Title: Can’t Sit

Author: Rick Lunkenheimer

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078T8455H/




Everyone sits. But what happens when even that simple action is enough to cause severe back pain?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ but having a sitting disability brings a new set of challenges. Long car, train, and plane rides are excruciating. Even sitting a table for the length of a meal is unthinkable. Forget about going to the movies unless you plan to stand in the back. And at the office, while everyone else relaxes at their desks, you’re forced to remain upright in your cubicle for eight long hours.

In Can’t Sit: Living with a Sitting Disability, author Rick Lunkenheimer chronicles his journey with a sitting disability and all the inconveniences and pains it presents. Starting from his initial spikes of minor back pain to a life living with what has only recently been labeled a disability, Lunkenheimer takes us through the myriad of doctors’ visits, misdiagnoses, rehabilitations, and even one major back surgery.

Can’t Sit reveals just how awkward such a condition can make any social situation, not to mention the quizzical stares, amateur diagnoses, and accusations of insurance fraud that follow wherever you go. A heartwarming and educational story from start to finish, Lunkenheimer’s Can’t Sit paints a sympathetic picture of a life without the ability to sit—something we all take for granted.



My review

5/5 Stars

Before reading this, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a sitting disorder. The more I read, the more terrible I felt for the author. We all suffer from aches and pains. I’ve had a bad back for as long as I can remember, but Mr. Lunkenheimer definitely has it worse than most. I definitely sympathize, and this story will definitely help to raise awareness for sitting disorders and the pain they cause.