Title: Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold

Author: Angela L. Lindseth

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Unconfined-Delusions-Beyond-Threshold-Lindseth-ebook/dp/B07JVK22V7/




Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold, contains snippets of fast-paced, twisted fiction mingled with short stories aimed to keep you on the edge of your seat. “Broken Heart” questions the morality of organ transplantation. “The Basement” corners you in a dank basement with the tools of torture openly displayed. “My Last Sixteen Hours” counts down the last minutes before execution. “Seeing Things” warns of a malignant aura wrapping its inky hands around your throat. “The Clutching” will send fingernails searching for a vein. Don’t let your guard down because the next story might bite.
The words slither across the page, feed on insecurities, and corrupt dreams. Savor the weird deliciousness but read with the lights on. The land of Happily Ever After doesn’t exist behind this cover.



My review:

5/5 Stars

A collection of haunting shorts that stick with you long after the book ends. I would’ve loved to read some more about a few of the stories, but I think the choice of the author to make them shorter definitely added to the suspense. This book has everything from doppelgangers to a mysterious space illness. If you’re looking for a great collection of psychological reads, this is it!