Title: Curious Things: Stories of a Black Cat, Superstition, and Strange Events

Author: Joanne Van Leerdam

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0778TB9NP/




Curious Things.
Stories about a black cat, superstition and strange events.

Friday is a black cat with a lucky habit of being present when curious things take place.
He’s highly intelligent, fiercely loyal and devilishly handsome.

If you’ve ever wished for karma to move a little faster, indulged in uncharitable thoughts about certain annoying people, or suspected that having a black cat cross your path was not quite as unlucky as people seem to think, these stories are for you.




My review

5/5 Stars

Friday might look like an ordinary cat, but he’s so much more than that. He’s protective of his owners Trixie, Kathleen, and Rose, and does anything within his power to ensure they live their lives the best I can. And I do mean anything. It’s always said that black cats bring bad luck, but Friday brings superstition. From lighting liars’ pants on fire to turning jealous women into green-eyed monsters, this book will keep you reading for the sole factor that you won’t know what to expect next. Plus, reading a story from a cat’s POV is definitely fascinating.