Title: Freshman Hunt: A Nightmare Academy Novella

Author: Anthony Avina

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Freshman-Hunt-Nightmare-Academy-Novella-ebook/dp/B07DK616TR/


Fear rises amongst the supernatural students at Nightmare Academy.

After surviving the first couple months of her undercover assignment at the school, vampire teen Francesca Lucas finds herself fighting a war on two fronts. On one side stands her mission, working for the resistance against the evil supernatural leader King Dalca by infiltrating the Nightmare Academy and learning it’s secrets. On the other stands the handsome warlock who has captured her heart, Jasper. He is powerful, kind and makes her feel alive for the first time in decades. Yet fears cloud Francesca’s mind, as memories of her last love Alan being taken from her still warn her against any happiness.

As she struggles with these internal battles, a new threat arrives at the school. An ancient being of myth and legend makes his presence known. It’s All Hallows Eve at the school, and this legend has come to hunt. When Francesca’s roommate Faith is pressured into taking part in the Freshman Hunt, a rite of passage given by the Dean’s vampire daughter as a means of thinning the herd, Francesca must run into the path of danger once more. In order to save her friend from certain death, Francesca must risk everything to stop this immortal threat. With her mission, her love for Jasper and her life on the line, will Francesca be able to stop this monster from unleashing untold horrors? Find out when the horn blares and the time comes for the… Freshman Hunt!

My review

4/5 Stars

Francesca suffers as a vampire. She’s tired of the supernatural and wishes she could just live among the humans in a normal life. She can’t do that however. With her mission, she must gather as much information as she can about King Dalca to stop an upcoming war against humanity.

There is plenty of suspense in this short read, and I loved the way Francesca’s character was built through it. Even though she seems naïve in some scenes, she comes out as strong in others. I was rooting for her, and definitely loved the twist of vampires fighting to protect humans. I don’t see that often in paranormal reads.