Title: Malevolent Manifestation (An Elemental Witch Trials Book #9)

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076VV91Q6/


Malevolence. Vengeance. Black Magic. In the newest installment of the series that readers are calling addictive and spellbinding, Brac’s past indiscretions threaten to tear apart his new family.

After a morning of inexplicable accidents plague Malakai, he begins to think he might be the victim of a curse. The cause of his misfortunes is much darker and escalates at an alarming rate from nuisance to dangerous. When the malicious force also reaches out for Brac, Jamie, and Gwen, everyone pulls together to fight the threat.

Continue the journey as the elemental witches face new dangers while still struggling against their vampire keepers.

My review

5/5 Stars

I think the best thing about this series is the way that the family is ever expanding, adding new characters and going on new adventures. I can never guess what each book will bring, but I love when the author touches base with older characters and events, like Gwen’s cake bingeing for instance, and the way she mixes those with new things. It was interesting seeing what’s become of Lewis again and Sebastian as well.

Once again, I’m anticipating the next book in the series!