Title: Vortexes

Author: Holly Barbo

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FN4GWPS/


“[feels] like an action adventure movie!” 
A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando’s country. A totalitarian regime with no tolerance for deviation has marginalized thousands. Neither physical exceptionality nor freedom of thought has a place. All is conformity. But Maya doesn’t conform, and time is running out on her ability to conceal her condition. Can Maya find a cure before she is swept up in a purge… or will she take her secret to the grave? 

My review

4/5 Stars

I’m quickly becoming a fan of dystopia science fiction so I absolutely adored this book. It started off with a bang, pulling the reader in with a sequence of action. At first, it was confusing since I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but when things started to fall in place, and some of my questions were answered, I found it was difficult to put down. Emma was a curiosity and so was Maya.

Besides the wonderful characters and interesting world, the number of topics that this book tackled were also fantastic. As the summary suggests, it definitely does feel like an action adventure movie.