Title: The Forsaken (Echoes from the Past #4)

Author: Irina Shapiro

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Forsaken-Audiobook/B07MSDFDF5


  1. When skeletal remains are unearthed at her husband’s ancestral home, Dr. Quinn Allenby must use her psychic gift to discover what led to Gabe’s ancestor’s secret burial in an unmarked grave. As Quinn bridges the centuries with the help of a warrior’s sword and an amber rosary buried with the skeleton, she stumbles upon a secret about her own past that will cast a new light on everything she’s been told about her birth and set her on a quest to discover the truth.
  2. Novice Catherine Dancy is forced to leave Holystone Priory when her father summons her home, but when she stops to help a dying knight after the massacre at Towton field, she alters the course of her life forever and sets off a chain of events that lead to heartbreak and betrayal.

My Review

3.5/5 Stars

Quinn is an interesting character. With her ability to see into the past by using a personal item makes for a unique story when she happens to stumble across an ancient skeleton at her husband’s home.  When she dives deep into the past, she learns about the skeleton, a woman named Kate who went through many trials in her last few weeks alive.

I loved learned about Kate’s tale, and the jump between the present-day timeline and the historical made it so we could see both what happened to Kate as well as Quinn’s reactions to it. Kate herself was a bit of a frustrating character, but that was what made her so real. I think of all of them, Quinn was my favorite, not only for what she could do, but for her intrigue to want to learn all that she could, even when she didn’t think it the best idea to do so.

With that being said, I did find the book a little hard to get into at first. I’m not sure if it was because this is the first book in the series I’ve picked up or if it was just not the genre for me, but I am glad that I pushed through whatever it was because the ending of this book was fantastically done.