Book Review: Spirit Lake

Title: Spirit Lake

Author: Tamar Hela



Six teenagers from Northern California are assigned a group project for their sophomore English class. Little do they know, this project will literally take them on a journey out of this world. Cantelia appears much like Earth, until the teens realize magic is as plentiful as the danger surrounding them. A dark and evil ruler has placed a curse on the tribal people of Sikuku Island – the same island where the teens have been transported. Now, they must help the tribal people break the curse if they ever want to see their own planet again. Alex and her companions quickly learn that there is so much more beyond their comfortable lives in Pollock Pines and its legendary Spirit Lake.

My Review

3/5 Stars

In this story, we follow a group of teenagers who are sucked into a magical world through a special body of water. The place they find themselves in is creepy, full of strange beings and an overwhelming sense of evil. That’s when they learn of the curse and go about breaking it.

While the story was engaging, I felt it all was wrapped up a bit too quickly after the curse was broken. It would’ve added to the story tremendously to see exactly what happened to the place after the curse was lifted.

While the narration was okay, it made the book difficult to get into. The words were a bit stilted and the uneven tone made it hard for me to listen. I like to listen to audiobooks at 2.5x their original speed so the gaps were more noticeable for their frequency.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

Published by Author Kayla Krantz

Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

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