Title: The Witch Squad (The Witch Squad Cozy Mystery #1)

Author: M.Z. Andrews

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Witch-Squad-Audiobook/B01NA01C4P


Nineteen-year-old Mercy Habernackle is a witch gone off the rails. Causing problems with the law in her hometown, she’s faced with two options. Go to a correctional institution or get shipped off to witch boarding school, or as her mother prefers to call it, finishing school. Choosing the latter, Mercy’s mother, Linda, drives her daughter cross country to the Paranormal Institute for Witches, situated high in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in cozy Aspen Falls, Pennsylvania.

Upon arrival, Mercy is faced with cheerful smiles, friendly people, and a sickly sweet roommate who has turned their dorm room into an advertisement for the Pottery Barn. Mercy had hoped her fellow witches would be more like her, dark, dreary, and a little bit self-destructive.

When the murder of a local teenager takes place on the first day of class, Sorceress Stone, headmistress of the college for wayward witches, takes the class on a consulting job to help the Aspen Falls Police Department solve the murder. Mercy and her mismatched classmates find themselves in the heart of the murder investigation and when the body of the murder victim suddenly goes missing and her roommate turns up abducted, Mercy must put aside her feelings of resentment about her gift and put her paranormal abilities to good use.

Throw in a smokin’ hot cowboy wizard, a black cat that seems to be stalking her, and a Black Witch and you’ve got the first book in the new Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series where the twists and turns just don’t stop!

My Review

5/5 Stars

I absolutely adored this little cozy mystery!

It had all the genres I love: mystery, suspense, paranormal, and thriller.

In this story, it’s Mercy’s first day at a witch academy that she was forced to go to after an incident with her powers got her in trouble. It’s here she meets a group of witches, each of them drastically different from one another. These unlikely friends go on the trail of a murdered girl, desperate to find out what happened to her. When they think they have the answers, one of their own is kidnapped.

This book kept me on my toes, and I absolutely loved how different each of the main characters were. It made the book feel that much more real. I think Jax was my favorite character just because she was so bubbly and warm compared to the others. I’m happy to see this book is part of a series because I could use more stories with these characters.

The narration was absolutely fantastic as well. Each character had a distinct voice. She even did a New Jersey accent for Alba which was awesome.

Awesome audiobook!