Title: Maggie’s Dream

Author: Leslie Tall Manning

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Maggies-Dream-Leslie-Tall-Manning-ebook/dp/B075MMYYTC


“Undeniably one of the most twisted…feminist…different…and at the same time amazing books I have read!”  ~Net Galley Reviewer

When World War II drags Maggie Lerner’s husband off to Europe, Maggie joins the workforce as one of America’s Rosies. Though she savors her freedom, she is haunted by a dream that leads her to believe something terrible will happen to her husband.

After the war, Sam returns home unscathed, and Maggie, who once again takes her place as a doctor’s wife, believes the dream will disappear. Instead, it evolves into an all-consuming world where Maggie is admired for her strength; where she can have whatever she wishes. Resenting her conventional life, she willingly surrenders to the temptation of imagined perfection.

But all is not as it seems. Beneath the dream’s flawless surface, a monster lies in wait.

In an era of post-war feminism and the latest in psychoanalysis, Maggie will need to confront this evil–whether real or imagined–before it destroys both her worlds.


My Review

5/5 Stars

When Maggie’s husband is sent off to war, she worries about his return which is made worse after she has a dream in which he dies in service. When he returns home uninjured, she believes the dreams will stop, but they don’t. Soon they begin to consume her until she decides to face her demons and get to the center of her own psychosis.

The premise of this book definitely had my interest because it reminded me of Coraline, where the main character is so unhappy with her real life, that the life created in an alternate universe is more appealing. What seems at the surface to be perfection, however, is just a cloth hiding the dangers beneath.

This book is definitely worth the read for all fans of psychological fiction!