Title: Boundaries

Author: Ica Iova

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Boundaries-Ica-Iova-ebook/dp/B017LJ7FPA


Old sparks reignite between Gabriela Parson and her hew boss—Landon Godchild. But she has principles and one dating rule: absolutely no office romance.

Landon, in contrast, is determined to continue what they had started. If only he could convince Gabriela that rules are meant to be broken. But an anonymous letter brings his efforts to a halt and sends Gabriela searching for the truth.

Up against the unknown, she must cross a minefield of frustration, fear, and mistrust as her pursuit for innocence propels her deep into a bizarre vortex, where reality blurs into illusion, and evil looms in the shadows.

Is any love strong enough to withstand such dynamics?

My Review

5/5 Stars

When Gabriela starts her new job, she is drawn to Landon and embarrassed to find out that her boss is someone she had had a brief one-night stand with two years before. Even better, he remembers her and wants to continue their relationship. However, something seems off to Gabriela and as she learns the truth Gabriela is pulled into a mystery that endangers her and those around her.

My favorite thing about Ica Iova’s books is how real she makes the characters feel. The lust and romantic tension between Gabriela and Landon throughout the story was both believable and emotionally charged. Miss Iova not only created a strongly sounded prose in this novel, but the world in which the characters are is beautifully described. It’s done in such a way that I can picture the world, both the beautiful and the dark.

Truly captivating.