Title: Complete Series: Eli Carter & The Ghost Hackers – Paranormal Mysteries Books 1 – 3

Author: Angela Pepper

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/Complete-Series-Eli-Carter-The-Ghost-Hackers-Paranormal-Mysteries-Books-1-3-Audiobook/B074Z43RWT


Life in a post-apocalyptic city teeming with zombies isn’t easy, but it can still be fun with the right friends by your side.

Book one: The Cat Who Went Bump in the Night

Eli Carter is a delivery driver who yearns for adventure. When Eli meets a smooth-talking necromancer, he decides to make a drastic career change. The delivery driver becomes a ghost hunter!

Now Eli will learn the rules of the paranormal world, master high-tech traps, and earn a permanent position on the Ghost Hackers team. Assuming he survives “play time” with the cat-like thing that’s living underneath his bed.

Book two: The Ghost Who Wasn’t There

Eli Carter thinks his newest ghost hunting assignment is an easy one. A simple poltergeist infestation? Easy! A slam dunk. A home run.

But when Eli is bitten on the rear by a swarm of flying piranhas, he learns there’s no such thing as an easy ghost hunting assignment.

Book three: The Dog Who Barked Fire

Eli Carter loves being a paranormal specialist, ridding the city of unwanted spirits. A flurry of bookings brings the team to the suburbs, where residents are overrun with ghosts and tiny dogs. They love the tiny dogs but want the ghosts gone. The whole team must pull together, using their special skills, to get out of this suburb alive.

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My Review

5/5 Stars

So when I first started listening to this audiobook, I expected a book on the more serious side. However, I quickly realized that this set of three novellas is witty, charming, and sometimes downright hilarious. I love the main character and the way that he sees the world, especially his girlfriend and his day to day life.

Eli is used to being told what to do by his girlfriend so when he meets a mysterious boy named Khan one day at work, his life changes for the better. When a new job opportunity is presented to him, he makes the decision to take it and from there, we see Eli gradually shift from an awkward beaten down man to a strong, confident character.

The narration was great, and each novella was hooking in its own way. My only question about this audiobook is what exactly happened in the crash down area? It was touched on briefly, but the stories could’ve been so much richer if we had more information about what exactly had turned the humans into zombie-like creatures.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.