Title: Daughter of Neptune: Found at Sea

Author: Theresa Wisner

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Daughter-Neptune-found-at-sea-ebook/dp/B07NQ59Y6K/


Travel below decks with the author as she fishes the most perilous seas in the world in search of the love of her father. With courage and grit, she tells the story of addiction and recovery, and coming of age far later than most. Daughter of Neptune powerfully captures the beauty and the coarseness of a foreign world that creates the backdrop for healing.

My Review

3.5/5 Stars

This book is full of beautiful descriptions of both the landscape and emotions of the main character as she searches out her father. The story actually covers her life from little on, giving the audience an idea of what Theresa’s life was like as a child, the bond that she once had with her father, before she grew older and struggled with things such as drugs and alcohol.

As a memoir, I think this piece beautifully captures the vibe that the author intended to leave the audience with and there are plenty of moments in which you become so invested you feel as if you could laugh or cry right alongside the author.