Title: Beyond Dreams (Fateful Dreams #1)

Author: Andreea Pryde

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078VHVR4L



Those who know me will say I’m an ordinary, and a bit naive, 17-year-old. They might think differently if they knew my secret. It’s something I’ve never shared with anyone, and I mean no one.
Every once in a while, since I was eight, I’ve had a dream. The same one, every time. I dream of a man hidden by shadows, who never fails to save me from the searing flames that threaten to devour me. 
He is always there for me.
That’s the dream…this is now. I have a new classmate, and instinctively I know, something seems strange. In a matter of hours, dark rumors abound, labeling him an outcast. Even before he has the chance to become one of us, my classmates turned against him.
My heart tells me there’s more to him than his frown and this specific expression he has. That’s what my heart says, but I saw something I shouldn’t have. That night, in the park by the willow I saw him covered in blood.
I should keep my distance, but I can’t. Something mysterious draws me to him.

He has secrets of his own.

However, one secret could destroy us both.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Smooth, easy-to-read paranormal YA romance.

This story centers around two high schoolers, Michael and Ariana. Ariana has had dreams of a boy since the time she was little so when Michael appears in her life, she knows he’ll be part of her world. As the two start to slowly interact more and more, their romance blooms in an awesome suspenseful storyline.

I love the way that the author started the story with such a hook of mystery but gradually blended that into the reality of Ariana’s words. As we learn the truth about her, and Michael, it’s easy to connect with these characters and grow with them.