Title: Simulation Game (Evolution Series #1)

Author: E.M.G. Wixley

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Simulation-Game-Book-one-evolution-ebook/dp/B07QMJ2TR7


Driven by her personal demons and the secrets and lies behind the childhood trauma of her sister Elley’s disappearance Felicity Devon enters the remote suicide wood. By chance, she meets a young man Jonah, a Norwegian living in the shadows after his much-loved father Milton dies leaving behind a terrifying secret. He is also grieving the death of his sister Anja who was taken by traffickers. Together they agree to solve the mysteries of their past lives but in the process step into a turbulent and uncertain future.
Felicity’s father Dante is often not present in the lives of his remaining children. Instead, he is obsessed with his creations, the world’s first quantum supercomputer and an unusual virtual reality world. However, his son Irvin shares his fascination with technology and rapidly becomes engrossed in his father’s new game. Soon he discovers this is not the only game being played.
Theodore Hemmings, Dante’s boss, is the head of a facility engaged in a classified programme backed by an enigmatic group of the world’s elite. He is deemed to be the right man for the job as he is unethical and cruel.
Young and old struggle to survive in a world of secrets and lies and where reality and truth are no longer inevitable.

My Review

5/5 Stars

A very intense read with suspense and mysteries coming from all angles.

With the thought of a missing sibling on both Felicity and Jonah’s minds, they set off to find them, and the truth is so much worse than what they could’ve prepared themselves for. When a supercomputer takes control of their lives, they face demons both real and not.

I love the unique idea of the plot, and I think this story really has the potential to attract all kinds of readers from lit rpg readers to thriller readers to suspense.