Title: Fabricating Fortunes (Elemental Witch Trials #12)

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Fabricating-Fortunes-Elemental-Witch-Trials-ebook/dp/B07DD6KHPP


Power. Lust. Demons.

Maryanne has sacrificed more than she will admit to gain her throne, rank, and reign. Holding onto it won’t be easy with demanding vampire masters, traitorous courtesans, and demons nipping at her soul.

When those who would undermine her rule close in on her, she will need to make allies in darkest corners of the most dangerous witch realm – hers.

How will Maryanne, who has never faced true danger, protect herself where the magic is as treacherous as the hearts of those around her?

My Review

5/5 Stars

So this book really gives an in-depth look into the motivations and decisions behind Maryanne. While she was not one of my favorite characters in past books, I think this one has helped me to come to peace with what kind of person she is. She faces so many trials and issues that it is easy to understand why she is not always so likeable.

This book helps us to understand more of the world that Gwen has created, broadening it in a way that it previously has not. Lots of twists and turns as is the usual in this series. All in all, another wonderful installment!