Title: Stalker’s End: Romance Erotica Obsession #2

Author: Christina L. James and Robb Zane

Narrated by: Skylar Lace

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/Stalkers-End-Romance-Erotica-Obsession-Book-2-Audiobook/B07R1268PK


Dana broke up with a very wealthy obsessive sociopath who becomes a stalker. He cannot deal with someone saying no to him. But Dana has moved on. She starts to get serious with her new man, Lucas. They love each other, but both of them are nervous about revealing secrets that would allow them to go deeper as a couple.  

Now the question is, can their relationship survived these dark secrets? A light is shined on those secrets while they are enjoying their wonderful time together in beautiful Morocco.  

And what about Damian, her crazy ex?  

He will stop at nothing to ruin her life. Is someone following them while they are in Morocco? Tragedy strikes to interrupt their romantic trip to the dark continent. It feels like too much to endure. She feels powerless. Can they learn to trust each other in the midst of all the drama? Damian makes a power play. Lucas opens his heart to Dana and the tall, dark, and handsome Ali introduces himself to her.    

Dana is a strong, independent woman who seems to attract hot, obsessive men like a magnet. The result is stalkers. Dana is hoping for a stalker’s end.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Short but packed with suspense and drama at every turn. As Dana and Lucas work on their new relationship, life seems perfect until Dana’s ex, Damien makes a drastic reappearance in her life. Lucas and Dana have secrets, secrets that have the power to tear their relationship apart. Will they be able to survive through each other as well as the schemes that Damien has put into place to tear Dana’s life apart?

Steamy and packed with romance. Skylar Lace did a great job of adding to the suspenseful overtones and giving life to the varying characters.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.